Published: 01 Sep 2023

Finding The Right Banner Printer Machine For Your Business

Not sure which banner printer machine will along the best with your business? Sign printers come in all shapes and sizes – and today, we’ll explore them.

Which Banner Printer Machine Works Best For You? Let’s Find Out!

In the modern business world, first impressions count – a lot! A well-designed banner, printed by a premium signage print machine, can make all the difference in capturing the audience and helping businesses grow. Unlike regular photo printers, signage printers can help businesses print visually striking banners that command attention.

Using banner printer machines to print the finest banners can help businesses stand out. And business owners know that all too well. So, are you ready to up the ante? Let’s explore the capabilities and applications of commercial banner printers and see what printer equipment options you have in this regard.

Two finely printed wall posters advertising sign printing equipment available at Metro Repro
You can use banner printers to print exceptional-quality banners!

Large-Format Banner Printers For Professional
– Grade Prints (Sizes 24” To 60”)

There is no single “best printer for banners.” It all depends on your needs. Premium large-format printers for large-format outdoor graphics can be anywhere from 24 to 60 inches. You must first pick a size that fits your needs the best. HP and Canon large-format banner printers are inkjet models best suited for photographers, educators, retail outlets, and graphic designers.

These printers create high-quality prints for architects, engineers, and construction professionals. They can also breathe life into maps, CAD drawings, posters, fine art prints, photographs, and signage. And the best part is that these large-format banner printers are not all that bulky either! They come with space-efficient designs and offer premium print quality.

Commercial Banner Printer Solutions (Sizes 54” And Above)

Commercial signage equipment like HP banner printers usually come in 54″ variants or bigger; other model options include Canon, Mimaki, and Mutoh. These large-format sign printing machines
offer precision, versatility, and unmatched print quality. Plus, they use high-tech supplies like eco-solvent, latex material, or UV gel for the finest industrial-grade prints. These sign printing machines
help you bring life to vibrant graphics, detailed designs, and stunning displays. The result? You can shift your client’s marketing strategy to the faster lane. These models are best suited for marketing agencies and print businesses.

What Is The Best Printer For Outdoor Signage?

As a marketing company, when choosing the best outdoor banner printer, you must consider durability, weather resistance, quality of commercial-grade custom prints, and size. UV-curable and latex printers are at the top as per industry standards. Banners created by such sign printing equipment can withstand the elements while delivering stunning visuals.

Just see what you need specifically, and you’ll have the answer to: “What is the best printer for outdoor signage?”

Here’s How Banner Printing Equipment Can Make A Difference

When it comes to banner production, you can’t settle – you need the best signage printer you can get for a cost that won’t break the bank.

And how does that help you? Well, here’s how:


Professional-grade large-format banner printers are designed to handle large-scale print projects, enabling businesses to create stunning prints with exceptional clarity and precision.

  • Print Quality: With advanced printing technology, these printers produce high-resolution graphics, images, and print reproduction. From fine details to gradient shades, these printers ensure that every element of your design looks crisp and visually appealing.
  • Versatility and Flexibility: Large-format banner printers allow you to print on bond paper, vinyl, and canvas. This versatility will enable you to explore various creative indoor and outdoor signage options.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Printing in-house offers cost-effective solutions by saving on outsourcing and shipping costs while providing greater control over the printing process for faster turnaround times and improved efficiency. In addition, having large-format banner printers is especially beneficial for schools and classrooms, restaurants, and retail stores, as it allows them to switch up their signage regularly.

Applications and Uses

Here are a few industries that benefit from the diverse applications of banner printing equipment

  • Retail Signage: Whether promoting special offers, showcasing products, or enhancing brand presence,
    banner printing equipment plays a vital role in creating indoor and outdoor signage for retail environments.
  • Event Signage: From trade shows to conferences, industrial equipment enables businesses to create eye-catching displays and backdrops that attract attention in crowded event spaces.
  • Hospitality Signage: With the ability to print on various materials, including durable and water-resistant options,
    banner printing equipment can create professional menus with high-resolution images and interchangeable signage for specials and promotions. 
  • School Signage: In educational settings, affordable banner printing equipment plays a crucial role in creating classroom learning graphics, including charts, diagrams, and visual aids.


The cost of an industrial sign printervaries based on factors such as brand, size, features, and print speed. Entry-level models can start around a few thousand dollars, and higher-end industrial printers with more capabilities can range from ten thousand plus to hundreds of thousands. Commercial high-end printers are typically used for high-volume print and car wrap shops to produce long-term graphics and signage, requiring more equipment, such as laminators and cutters. 

Finding The Best Signage Printer Near You

Now that you know what type of printer they use for banners, you must get your hands on a machine that does the job well. Metro Repro can help you choose a high-quality outdoor banner printer from reputable brands such as Mimaki, Mutoh, HP, and Canon. When searching for the best professional-grade digital sign printing equipment for your business, we recommend you consider your needs (print size and speed), quality and performance, software compatibility (such as Adobe creative suite, CorelDraw, Flexisign Pro, and Onyx Thrive), service and support. 

Let us help you find the printer signage printer today by contacting us.