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If your large format printer stops working, who do you call? Your in-house IT technicians? They may know a thing or two about troubleshooting minor issues, but when it comes to printer repair for major malfunctions, you need to call professionals to diagnose and fix the problem.

You made a significant investment in your machines, so you want to get a good ROI out of them by using them to their maximum lifespan. This is why you must hire an experienced printer repair service company. They have trained and skilled technicians with years of experience in maintenance and printer repair for various brands and models.

Benefits of Hiring Specialized Large Format Printer Repair Service

The average IT technician may have basic knowledge of how to repair simple office printers. However, a professional shop specializes in a variety of jobs, from laser printer to plotter repair.

If your company owns a wide format printer or other specialized devices, you cannot let just anyone in charge clean and service your equipment. In some cases, you may need a specific part for large format printer repair – the specialized company will know how to source it.

Annual Maintenance Contracts

Metro-Repro takes a proactive approach towards servicing your large format graphics equipment. Our maintenance contracts include all parts, labor and travel. We also have supply inclusive contacts available. Just ask us for details.

How to Find a Reputable Printer Repair Center

A professional repair service company has decades of experience in B2B services for companies such as advertising companies and printing houses. They can help you with HP, Canon printer repair, as well as other brands that produce specialized equipment for corporate use.

You will find a local branch of the printer repair shop ready to send an experienced technician in as quickly as possible to fix the problem in the shortest time and allow you to perform your business activities with minimum interruptions.

Our Wide Format Printer Repair Specialists Are Ready to Help You!

Metro Repro has 40 years of experience in the B2B sector, specializing in providing large format printers and scanners to companies. We have a large network of printer repair service centers, allowing us to offer our services in the South Central United States area.

We are always ready to send an experienced  inkjet printer repair technician to our clients in:

  • Texas
  • Arkansas
  • Louisiana
  • Oklahoma

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