Elevate Your Printing Solutions with Hassle-Free Leasing or Financing

Discover streamlined financing and leasing options for large format printers and equipment through our preferred partner financing companies. Our trusted partners provide customized financial solutions such as competitive rates, flexible terms, and the convenience of utilizing reputable financial institutions.

No Need for Compromise

Experience the power of the latest and best large-format printers without delay. Don't compromise on productivity – equip your workspace with the right tool for the job.

Flexible Lease Terms

Choose from a variety of lease terms tailored to suit your individual needs. We provide detailed quotes for all options, ensuring you can make an informed decision that aligns with your business goals.

Hedge Against Inflation

Enjoy the stability of fixed lease payments, allowing you to pay for today's cutting-edge equipment/software with tomorrow's dollars as you earn them.

100% Financing for Productivity

Leasing ensures you get the productivity of the large format printers and equipment you need while meeting your cash flow requirements. Additionally, you can seamlessly finance "soft" costs like installation, freight, equipment setup, and service contracts into your monthly payment. Avoid tying up your existing credit lines and preserve cash by leaving capital available for other business opportunities. 

End of Lease or Financing Options

If you would like to own the equipment and software at the end of the lease, then we can provide a $1 buyout lease. We also have the FMV (fair market value) lease which gives you three options at the end of term in case your needs change: 1) upgrade your equipment to the latest with no penalty, 2) purchase the equipment at the fair market value or 3) return the equipment if you no longer have the need for it.

Enjoy Great Tax Benefits

Opt for an EFA or Lease with $1 residual for significant tax benefits through Section 179, allowing accelerated depreciation in one year. Alternatively, selecting a Lease with an FMV residual enables the deduction of financed equipment as an operating expense when paid, eliminating concerns about depreciation and treating payments as expenses on the income sheet.

We offer lease terms from 12 months to 63 months


Simply click "Learn More," and our sales manager will address your questions, guide you through the application process, assist in selecting the most beneficial financing partner based on your credit needs, offer support, and ensure a seamless acquisition process for equipment that aligns with your business needs. 


Metro Repro's large format printer rentals feature a range of both new and refurbished options. Enjoy the flexibility of choosing the terms that fit your printing needs:

Short and long-term rental agreements

Single Monthly payment that covers both the equipment rental & maintenance.

Purchase the equipment at any time or conveniently return it at the end of the agreement.


Time to upgrade your large format printer? 

Throughout the year, our manufacturer partners offer trade-in or trade-up promotions. Check out the latest promotions here.

Metro Repro also provides additional trade-in options year-round. 

Please complete this form, and our team will contact you to assist you with the best trade-in option for your current equipment.