Pay Less for Great Value: Get Refurbished Printers for Your Business

Are you looking for a large format printer and new models that would stretch your purchasing budget too much? We have the solution for you: high-quality refurbished printers for sale will offer you years of useful life for an affordable price.

Our company specializes in providing large format refurbished printers, tested by our own experienced technicians. Our decades of experience allow us to refurbish any wide printer or plotter model and give it a new life. Whenever you buy used large format printers from us, you know that you get a reliable product that will work as well as a new product.

How to Find the Best Refurbished Printers for Sale

Online ads may promise you great value at a low price, but when you invest in refurbished printers, you want to be sure that you will get a good ROI. This is why you need to trust a company specializing in the B2B sale of refurbished equipment, such as a wide format printer or plotter.

Our company knows everything about how to restore and test refurbished printers. When you buy refurb plotters or other devices from us, you have the guarantee that they are in good working condition. We also have skilled staff available in a branch office near you to help you with maintenance and service for our refurbished printers for sale.

Get the Best Deals on Refurbished Plotters and Printers

All our large format refurbished plotters are top of their range in terms of specifications and features. They are designed for corporate use and can handle large volumes of documents or extremely high precision and definition.

We offer various financing plans for any used plotter for sale, which you can access by applying for credit on our website. Our mission is to become long-term partners for your business and provide you with everything you need for your printing needs, including supplies and technical assistance.

Choose from a Wide Range of Refurbished Printers for Sale!

Metro Repro was founded in 1982 and has grown into a trusted B2B provider of new and refurbished plotters, printers, and other similar products. We now have a well-structured network of offices, which allows us to cater to the needs of businesses in the South Central United States.

We can deliver refurbished printers and supplies to any corporate customer in:

  • Texas
  • Arkansas
  • Louisiana
  • Oklahoma

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