Published: 05 May 2023

How to Pick the Right Large Format Printer: A Comprehensive Guide

There are multiple factors to consider, such as print quality, speed, cost, and features when choosing a wide format printer. This blog post will share the different types available, their capabilities, and how to choose the right large format printer for your business needs.

How to Pick the Right Large Format Printer: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you in the market for a large format printer but need help figuring out where to start? Selecting the right printer that fits your needs can be challenging. This guide will provide factors to consider when choosing the perfect large format printer for your business or personal use.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Your Large Format Printer

Printer Type: First you must decide what type of large format printer you need. Are you looking for a technical CAD and AEC printer for schematics, plans, or detailed maps? Or do you need a large format graphic printer and plotters for high-quality posters and fine art or signage, graphics, stickers, vehicle wraps, and banners?

Print Size: The next factor to consider is your maximum print size. Large format printers come in various sizes and can print from 17 to over 100 inches. Determine the largest print size you will need for your projects.

Ink Type: The printer’s ink will affect the color vibrancy, print longevity, and cost. MetroRepro offers printers that use Eco-Solvent, UV Gel, and Pigment-based ink. 

  • Eco-solvent printers use eco-friendly inks resistant to water and UV light, making them ideal for outdoor signage and banners.
  • UV gel printers use unique gel ink cured by UV light, creating a scratch and water-resistant print ideal for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Pigment printers use inks that contain pigment particles and produce highly durable, water- and fade-resistant prints, making them suitable for fine art prints and archival-quality documents.
Canon Colorado Large Format Printer uses UV Gel
Canon Colorado Large Format Printer uses UV Gel

Media Compatibility: Media compatibility refers to the types of materials the printer can handle. Consider the media types you need to print, such as vinyl, textiles, canvas, or film. Make sure to choose a printer that can accommodate your project.

Cost: You need to consider the cost of the printer, including the initial investment, ink, and maintenance expenses.

Finally, the last three factors to consider when selecting a wide format printer is print quality, speed and space. Look for printers with high resolution, color accuracy, and image sharpness. In addition, consider the printing speed and the available space to install the large format printer.

Finding the Right Large Format Printer Near You

There are many aspects to consider, right? We can help your business find the right large format printer in Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Fort Worth, and nationwide. Contact us today to get started.