Canon Colorado 1650 UV Gel – 64″



Colorado 1650 Printer, Next Generation UVgel

The Colorado 1650 with FLXfinish+ technology allows Print Service Providers to be more productive and cost-effective with their large format roll printing applications. Produce more output in less time and a lower cost through innovative Canon UVgel technology.

The High-Production Choice:

  • Fastest 64″ Production Printer in its class
  • Extremely low ink usage
  • Unattended production enables significant labor savings
  • Produce more in less time without sacrificing quality
  • Print two finishes, Matte or Gloss, or Matte and Gloss without the need to change ink or media
  • Reduce rework/overwork with highly accurate color and geometric consistency
  • Suited for high volume production with Jumbo Roll & Wallpaper Factory capabilities

The Colorado 1650 works with the industry certified UVgel 460 inks, formulated for maximum flexibility. In addition, FLXfinish+ technology, a new approach to LED curing allows the user to choose between matte or gloss modes for each individual print to achieve different finishes, without the need to change inks or media.


Key Feature and Benefits for PSPs

One printer. Two finishes – Wow your customers with glossy banners that stand out from the crowd or wallpaper with the right luxurious finish and brilliant colors, all printed all on one device. No need to change inks or media!

FLXfinish+: One Click, Two Finishes, One Print

FLXfinish+ is a revolutionary NEW technology for Canon Colorado printers that allows PSPs to command a premium price for their prints, while not incurring additional costs. Print gloss AND matte on the same print without a varnish or additional consumables.





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