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Whenever you need a professional production printer to satisfy high volume and quality demands, a large format UV printing machine is the best solution for your printing shop. These devices use ultraviolet light to cure dye, making UV printers work faster and create higher-quality prints.

Traditional printing is already becoming obsolete and replaced by UV printer machines for specialized printing jobs, such as:

  • Outdoor banners
  • T-shirt printing
  • Smartphone and tablet cases
  • Custom computer mouse pads
  • Glassware and ceramic printing.

How Does a UV Printer Work?

A color UV large format printer is connected to a desktop computer to receive the digital image to be printed. It uses special UV ink and ultraviolet light to cure it. As the ink is distributed onto the substrate (paper, textile, foam, plastic, vinyl), the UV light is immediately applied to dry the ink and make it adhere to the substrate.

Thus, a UV printing machine works faster than a laser printer, generating an increased output and allowing your printing business to handle more jobs from clients.

Other benefits of using a UV printer are:

  • Increased durability of printed materials
  • More vibrant colors
  • Instantaneous drying without emission of volatile organic compounds
  • Increased versatility, as they work on a wide range of materials.

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