Published: 01 Mar 2024

What’s the Difference Between the HP DesignJet T850 and XT950 Large Format Printer?

Comparing HP DesignJet T850 and XT950 Large Format Printers

Choosing the right printer can impact your workflow and productivity when it comes to large-format printing for small businesses, schools, AEC professionals, and retail.

HP DesignJet series offers a range of options, and two popular choices are the HP DesignJet T850 and the XT950. We compare the differences between these two models to help you make an informed decision for your printing needs. Both printers are great for printing CAD drawings, blueprints, schematics, banners, posters, and marketing materials.

  • Size and Capacity: The T850 and XT950 are both 36″ large-format printers, allowing you to easily print large-format documents. However, where they differ is in their input tray capacity. The T850 can hold up to 50 sheets in its half-size input tray, while the XT950 doubles that capacity with room for 100 sheets. Enjoy fewer interruptions when reloading paper, which is ideal for high-volume printing environments.
  • Speed: Regarding speed, the XT950 can print up to 120 D prints per hour compared to the T850’s 90 D prints per hour. If time is of the essence in your printing tasks, the XT950’s faster printing speed may be a deciding factor.
  • Functionality: Both models offer multifunction capabilities, T850 Multifunction and XT950 multifunction, providing added versatility for scanning and copying documents directly from the printer. This integration streamlines your workflow by eliminating additional scanning equipment or processes.
  • Sheet Organizer and Stacker: While the T850 offers the option to add a sheet organizer and stacker as accessories, the XT950 comes with these features standard. 

HP DesignJet T850 and XT950 Comparision Chart

In summary, the HP DesignJet T850 and XT950 are powerful options for large-format printing, each with its own advantages.

The Benefits of Half-Sheet Printing.

Enjoy the benefits of half sheet printing including:

  • Saving Money: Cut down expenses with less wasted paper.
  • Reducing Paper Waste: Perfect for companies who are looking to promote eco-conscious usage.
  • Less Time & Easy Production: Half size sheets/prints are easier to handle.

HP DesignJet XT950: The Best 2-in-1 Large-Format Printer Video

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