Published: 21 Mar 2024

The New DesignJet XL3800 vs. Two Canon Large-Format 36″ MFP Printers

Metro Repro compares three 36" large-format multi-function printers featuring dual roll capabilities, sourced from industry leaders HP and Canon. We'll dissect the productivity, efficiency, and sustainability of HP's DesignJet x3800 against Canon's imagePROGRAF TZ-30000 MFP Z36 and the Plotwave 3500. Explore the key differences and discover which printer best suits your needs.

We compare three 36″ large-format multi-function printers from two top manufacturers, HP and Canon. Let’s evaluate the productivity, efficiency, and sustainability of HP’s DesignJet x3800 vs. Canon’s imagePROGRAF TZ-30000 MFP Z36 and Canon’s Plotwave 3500

Factor #1: Productivity

When it comes to large-format printing, productivity is key. 

HP DesignJet XL 3800: With its vibrant color capabilities and remarkable speed, the XL 3800 sets the bar high for productivity. Delivering six prints per minute for A1-D size prints and boasting a first sheet out time of just 20 seconds ensures efficient printing without compromising quality. Plus, as a pigment-based color printer, it offers excellent color accuracy and durability.

Canon TZ30000 Z36: The TZ30000 Z36 also utilizes pigment color, offering comparable color accuracy to the XL 3800, however, with a first sheet out time of 23 seconds and a slightly slower print speed of 4 sheets per A1-D minute.

Canon PlotWave3500: In contrast, the PlotWave3500 uses toner technology. While it matches the XL 3800 in print speed at six sheets per A1-D minute, it has a slower first sheet out time of 29 seconds. 

Factor #2: Efficiency

Efficiency is vital in maximizing productivity and minimizing downtime in large-format printing operations. 

HP DesignJet XL 3800: The XL 3800 offers a spindle-less media load feature, making loading material more accessible and convenient. Additionally, its fully integrated scanner enables seamless scanning capabilities without additional equipment or setup and doesn’t require a pre-scan. 

Canon TZ30000 Z36: The TZ30000 Z36 requires a spindle for media loading and has a semi-integrated scanner operated by a Windows tablet that needs a pre-scan. 

Canon PlotWave3500: Similar to the TZ30000 Z36, the PlotWave3500 utilizes a spindle for media loading but offers a fully integrated scanner. However, the requirement for a pre-scan adds an extra step to the process.

Factor #3: Sustainability 

If you are environmentally conscious, sustainability is essential when choosing printing solutions. 

Energy Consumption: The HP DesignJet XL 3800 leads the pack with its energy-efficient operation, consuming only 150 watts during printing. In contrast, the Canon PlotWave3500 consumes significantly more energy at 1.500 watts, while the TZ30000 Z36 falls in between at 157 watts. This notable difference underscores the XL 3800’s commitment to minimizing environmental impact through energy conservation. 

EPEAT Certification: When it comes to environmental certifications, the HP DesignJet XL 3800 boasts a prestigious Gold certification from EPEAT, indicating its adherence to stringent sustainability standards. Meanwhile, the Canon TZ30000 Z36 and PlotWave3500 hold Silver certifications, signifying their commitment to eco-friendly practices. While all printers prioritize sustainability, the XL 3800’s Gold certification sets it apart as a leader in environmental stewardship.

The HP DesignJet XL 3800 is the sustainability champion among the three printers thanks to its energy efficiency and Gold EPEAT certification. It’s also made of 33% recycled plastic and uses cardboard cartridges instead of plastic like Canon. However, both the Canon TZ30000 Z36 and PlotWave3500 also demonstrate a commitment to sustainability through their Silver EPEAT certifications. 

Other Factors 

Each printer utilizes its own job submission program: HP Click for the HP XL3800, Canon Direct Print Plus for the TZ30000 Z36, and Canon Publisher Select for the PlotWave 35000.

In conclusion, comparing HP’s DesignJet XL 3800 to Canon’s TZ30000 Z36 and PlotWave3500 offers valuable insight for individuals considering a printer purchase or upgrade. By evaluating efficiency, sustainability, and productivity, you can make a well-informed decision that aligns with your specific needs and objectives.

Finding the Right Large-Format Printer

There are many factors to consider when purchasing, renting, or leasing a large-format printer besides the above factors, such as budget and other functionalities. Our team is here to help you navigate these considerations and find the perfect solution tailored to your needs. Contact us today at (888) 484-9292.