Published: 22 Jun 2022

What is Digital Vinyl Printing?

Digital vinyl printing has revolutionized how companies can market their business worldwide. DVP is more versatile than old-fashioned inkjet-style vinyl printing. Learn all about it in this article.

Digital vinyl printing (DVP) is a full-color process that allows you to print almost any image you want onto vinyl or polyester material on large format printers.

DVP has been around for quite some time now, but it’s only in the last couple of years that it’s started to gain popularity and increased demand for digital printing on vinyl.

This guide covers everything you need to know about digital vinyl printer machines, from what they do to the advantages of using this printing technique.

An industrial digital vinyl printing machine creating several designs on the same vinyl sheet
Digital art becomes real with a professional printer for vinyl.

Let Us Explain How to Print on Vinyl

Digital art is fun, but vinyl art is better. This will have you asking, “Can I print on vinyl?” The answer to that is yes.

The first step to printing your design onto vinyl is converting it into a file type that will work with your digital printer for vinyl. You’ll need to format it in a vector program, like Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw.

If you already have an image prepared in a program like Photoshop, that’s perfect—save it as an EPS or PDF file so that you can easily access it on your computer.

The next step is to make sure your image or graphic is sized and formatted properly for printing; typically, images should be no smaller than 1200 x 1200 pixels and have around 200 dpi resolution.

A good tip for testing your image size is to upload it directly onto a vinyl graphics printer website, where you can then tweak its size before printing if you have any questions about formatting your file. Once you are done, print your image on the paper.

The Most Important Advantages of Vinyl Printing

Designed To Last

The beauty of vinyl printing is that it’s long-lasting. This is the biggest difference between digital printers for vinyl and other technologies. You can place your printed vinyl on an interior wall, and it will last a very long time. With such excellent durability, you don’t have to replace your stickers or signs constantly.

There are few things in life more irritating than when signs fall or stickers peel off because they can’t withstand wear and tear over time.

With digital vinyl printing, however, you won’t have to worry about them anymore! And as long as you care for them properly (think hand washing), they should continue looking great for years and years.


One of the biggest benefits of a digital vinyl printing machine is that it’s a cost-effective alternative to offset printing. Because you don’t have to buy large quantities of expensive equipment, your costs are significantly lower than if you were doing offset printing.

That saves you time and money by cutting down on production costs; not having to flip and re-print makes digital vinyl banners much more cost-effective. In fact, in some cases – like if you’re looking for short-term branding – digital vinyl banners may be all you need for your marketing needs!


What is the best printer for printing on vinyl? The higher quality of vinyl printing is one of its most attractive features. Unlike traditional printing techniques, which use liquid inks, vinyl is a process that uses heat to permanently bond colored dyes onto substrates like banners, decals, and car wraps.

This permanent process produces better-looking prints that are more resistant to scratches and abrasions than traditional printing processes. And because it’s a print method instead of an inking method, vinyl can be produced on almost any substrate.

What Ink to Use for Vinyl Printing?

Depending on what you’re printing, you may need different types of ink. For example, if you’re applying your print design directly onto a t-shirt or wall decal, water-based inks are best because they will dry faster and won’t soak into other materials. There are three types of ink for printing on vinyl: CMYK ink, PMS color, and PMS white.

CMYK stands for Cyan (C), Magenta (M), Yellow (Y), and Black, which are used in offset printing. This ink is great for designs with many colors but will not work for photographs.

PMS stands for Pantone Matching System, a color-matching system that specifies exact colors by number. Design your image using CMYK, then use an ICC profile generator to convert it into a spot color.

PMS White ink is used when you want a solid white area in your design. It is opaque and will cover any color below it. It’s great for backgrounds or large areas of color. If you want a specific color, use a water-based ink that will dry quickly and won’t bleed into other colors.

Digital art made using a digital vinyl printing machine or a large sheet of vinyl.
Vinyl printer creates vivid colors on a long-lasting material.

What Is the Best Printer for Printing On Vinyl?

So now that you know what digital vinyl printing is, how do you know which digital vinyl printer is best for your needs? If you’re looking for a reliable printer that will produce high-quality prints every time, then it’s essential that you choose a heat press over an inkjet printer.

Heat presses apply temperature and pressure to transfer an image onto vinyl. They are specially designed to get rid of air bubbles, so they deliver better results than other printers

While an inkjet printer uses water-based or solvent-based inks, heat press printers use UV or thermal set inks to be safe around children and pets. Here’s a list of 3 of the best digital vinyl printers.

  • Epson SureColor F3000
  • Roland SP-300 
  • Roland Versacamm SP-540 

Are You Ready to Test How Vinyl Printing Works? We Have the Products You Need!

In a world of growing online sales, a digital vinyl printing machine offers many benefits over traditional screen printing. Digital vinyl allows businesses to quickly and easily make custom products like shirts, mugs, T-shirts, a poster, and bags.

Because of its flexibility and ease of use, digital printing vinyl is becoming an increasingly popular choice among business owners wanting easy customization options at an affordable price.

To learn more about what is vinyl printing and how we can help you take advantage of this and other benefits of printing, don’t hesitate to contact us today.