Canon Arizona 6100 XTHF Series UV Flatbed Printer



Flatten Your Boards… Not Your Profits

Arizona 6100 XTHF Series with High Flow Vacuum

Printing on corrugate boards and plywood panels, which are never flat, is challenging. You’ve had two options: tape down boards to avoid damaging print heads or raise the carriage height and sacrifice print quality.

The Arizona 6100 XTHF Series printers, with the innovative High Flow Vacuum, easily pulls down porous, warped substrates in the blink of an eye. Now you can successfully create challenging packaging, display, and interior décor applications like never before.

The Arizona 6100 XTHF Series was developed to streamline production of:

  • Short Run Packaging
  • Package Prototyping
  • Temporary POP Displays
  • Printed Plywood Panels


Key Arizona 6100 XTHV Mark II Series printer features include:

  • High Flow Vacuum producing up to 15 times the airflow of existing systems
  • Enhanced table with 250,000 air holes for maximum hold down
  • A productive pneumatic pin registration system for quickly and accurately loading boards
  • Oversized 8.1 × 10.5 foot maximum print area
  • Print speeds of up to 2,368 sq. ft. or 41 4′ x 8′ boards per hour with high print quality and density
  • Automated Printhead Maintenance System for “hands-free” cleaning of printheads
  • VariaDot technology featuring award winning image quality, which is capable of producing sharp image detail and dense uniform solid colors
  • Built-in White Ink printing with the Arizona 6170 XTHV Mark II
  • Standard light magenta and light cyan inks provide optimized print quality at high speeds
  • Support for Arizona Xpert software for quick and easy creation of complex, higher margin jobs
  • Mark II improvements include High Key print mode, ORS (On-remote Service) connectivity, controller enhancements, built-in automation API, increased storage, etc.
Rigid Media Size 98.4″ x 126″ (2.5m x 3.2m)
Rigid Media Thickness 1.0″ (25.4mm)
VariaDot Printing Technology 6 to 42 picoliter droplets, 636 nozzles, six printheads/channel, dual row design
High Key Print Speed 1668ft 2/hr
Ink Channels 6160 Series – 6 ink channels (Upgradeable to 7 channels)
6170 Series – 7 ink channels


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