What You Need to Know About GIS/Mapping Printers for Professional Use

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Printer mapping is a multi-step process, regardless of the operating system being used. It involves checking your large format printer, establishing the right category in the system settings, adding the printer from the list, and choosing the print driver. Instead of focusing on a specific brand of a large map printer, you should know some important aspects that are essential for producing a high-quality map. Metro Repro believes in making the entire process of map printing much easier and institutive with the use of a GIS plotter printer. We aim to empower the user and provide effective services. We make printer mapping as easy as a click.

Printing Width Details:

A Map plotter printer is required for printing maps as these maps are larger. The sizes are larger than many CAD plotters can print usually more than thirty-six inches. For printing maps, the plotter of forty-two or forty-four is used. GIS printers are wider to print better maps. Your big map will create the right impact on the audience.

Processing Power:

The GIS files are huge in space; usually in GB’s. You require the right processing power to cater to these large files. The HP map printer can be highly effective.

RAM Details:

RAM is an essential part of the GIS printers’ system; Virtual memory is used as RAM by some plotter manufacturers. This way you can have a lot of space for the data.

Color Space:

The color space is usually in the form of lines and not fills, necessary for a mapping printer for inkjet photos. With the CAD files, we only had simple black and white line drawings.

Hard Drive:

The unit should have a hard drive. This will make your work easier as it helps in file spooling. Many map plotter printer formats have an onboard hard drive.

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