A Large Paper Cutter for Your Commercial Needs That Will Last Years

Get the paper cutter based on the size of material you will be cutting, the type of material, and the time you will spend on cutting. For all your printing and cutting needs, we have got you covered.

You might have done all your homework, reviewed proposals, and learned a few key terms and now you have decided to buy a professional paper cutter machine. But like most people, you might still be confused about the features. With extensive terminology and various options available, it gets overwhelming to choose the right big paper cutter.

Over the years, the safety and performance of cutters have improved yet the basic components remain the same. It includes a clamp, a knife, a table, and a backguage. Metro Repro is a premier supplier of large format printer supplies, as well as paper cutters for commercial needs. Let us help you figure out what product you need.

What to Consider Before Purchasing a Large Paper Cutter Machine

Unlike other tech products, that have seen some drastic changes in technology over the years, the key features to consider before buying a large format paper cutter are not linked with the brand or computer system. The following are significant factors that can help you choose the best wide format paper cutter for your business:

The Size of the Material: 

The size of the material being cut is a key factor while selecting a large paper cutter machine. You should check if there is enough space to turn or reposition the material if necessary with your large paper cutter flatbed.

The Type of Material:

Another critical factor to consider before choosing a professional paper cutter machine is to consider what type of material you will cut. If your objective is only cutting paper then it’s not a concern. You should consider however, if you will be cutting more difficult material. You will be needing a stronger and big paper cutter machine.

The Time that Will Be Spent on Cutting:

Next, you should consider how much time you will be operating the large paper cutter machine and what quantity you will be cutting each day. Will you be needing three shifts for seven days or do you just need it for a few hours?

Other considerations include whether the large paper cutters you purchased are supported with service and spare parts and do they meet the current safety standards.

Get High-Quality Large Format Paper Cutter Machines for Your Business

Metro Repro provides you with high-quality premium printing supplies to cater to all your business needs. We offer our printing solutions in the following areas:

  • Texas
  • Arkansas
  • Oklahoma

A commercial and industrial business requires effective printing and cutter solutions for everyday business activities. Speak to our professionally trained staff to know more about the best large paper cutter on sale that will perfectly fit your business needs.