Equipment Support, Maintenance & Service

Posted on February 16th, 2016 by Laura

Metro-Repro’s factory trained and certified technicians provide the highest level of support and service at very reasonable prices. We go above-and-beyond when you need service the most. Whether your equipment is under contract or serviced on an “as needed” basis, Metro-Repro will contact you within 60 minutes of placing your service call and, if required, will be on site within 8 business hours. One of the service options below is sure to provide the service support your company needs.

Service Request


Meter Reading


Annual Maintenance Contracts

Metro-Repro is the only company in our region to take a proactive approach towards servicing your large format graphics equipment. Our maintenance contracts include all parts, labor and travel. We also schedule preventative maintenance visits to clean and replace worn parts before they become an issue. This dramatically reduces downtime resulting in maximum productivity.

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Extended Warranties

Metro-Repro offers extended warranties on new HP equipment within the first year of the original purchase. After the warranty expires, Metro-Repro offers annual maintenance contracts that include comprehensive coverage.

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Time and Materials

When a service contract isn’t an option, our time and material service is a great alternative. All of our service technicians are factory trained to minimize the service call and fix your equipment right the first time.

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Remote Support

Sometimes software settings and print driver installations can be tricky and frustrating when you can’t get it just right. This remote support tool can help save time and alleviate some of the frustration by allowing us to do it for you. With this utility our systems analyst can take control of your computer and usually resolve the issue in minutes!

Submit Meter Reading

If you have a service contract on your wide format printer or copier you may use the form below to submit your monthly or quarterly meter reading. Please see instructions on locating the meter on your machine below.

Meter Reading Instructions


Xerox 6204 Digital Printer

  1. Your footages can be found by pressing the button labeled Machine Status on the control panel of your printer. On some machines, you may then need to touch the screen where it says Billing Meters.

  2. The screen that appears will have a meter 1, which indicates square footage and a meter 2, which indicates linear footage.

  3. After recording the meters, touch SAVE in the upper right corner to return to the Menu screen.

Xerox 8825, 8830, 8850, 510 Digital Printers

  1. On the printer’s right side control panel, press Offline

    Press Enter

    Press Previous

    Press Enter

    Press Previous

    Press Enter

  2. This will show you Meter A or Square Footage, and you can switch to Meter B or Linear Footage by pressing either the Previous or Next buttons.

  3. Press Online to return to normal operation.

Xerox 8855 Digital Printer

  1. You can find the square footage counter on the front of your Wide Format Xerox copier. It is marked with the letter A and it should have a total of 7 digits.

Xerox 721 Digital Printer

  1. The A and B meter is located behind the left door on the right side of the printer. They will be mounted in the metal wall under the toner cartridge. A flashlight might be useful. They are rectangular, black 6-digit counters.


Xerox 2510, 2515, 2520, 3001 Copier

  1. You can find the linear footage counter on the back of your Wide Format Xerox copier. It will be on the left, rear corner and is a 6-digit counter. If you cannot walk behind your copier, you may need to use a mirror to observe the counter.

Xerox 3030, 3040, 3050, 3060 Copier

  1. You can find the linear footage counter inside the right door of your Wide format Xerox copier. It will be mounted in the metal shelf towards the rear of the copier. A flashlight might be useful. It is a rectangular, black 6-digit counter.

Oce Copier

  1. You can find the linear footage counter inside the left cover of your Wide Format Oce copier. Loosen the thumbscrew and pivot the cover open as if you were changing the toner. The counter is a 7-digit counter – ignore the final red light.