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Metro Repro was founded in 1982 and is now one of the most reliable B2B suppliers of professional printing equipment and accessories, including a wide range of large format printer paper for sale.

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Xerographic Bond 42 x 500 NT
Xerographic Bond 36 x 500 NT
Xerographic Bond 34 x 500 NT
Xerographic Bond 30 x 500 NT
Xerographic Bond 24 x 500 NT
Xerographic Bond 22 x 500 NT
Xerographic Bond 18 x 500 NT
Xerographic Bond 15 x 500 NT
Xerographic Bond 12 x 500 NT
Xerographic Bond 11 x 500 NT
Uncoated Inkjet Bond 36 x 300
Uncoated Inkjet Bond 36 x 300
Uncoated Inkjet Bond 30 x 300
Uncoated Inkjet Bond 30 x 300
Uncoated Inkjet Bond 24 x 300
Uncoated Inkjet Bond 24 x 300

Large format printer paper is one of the most in-demand types of printer supplies. Whether you own a printing house or an advertising company, you need professional photo paper for a wide range of printing jobs. From outdoor banners to detailed architectural plans, you get orders that far exceed everyday printing requirements. 

Your clients expect their photo or plan to be delivered on high-quality and sturdy wide format printer paper. Some of these printed materials will be installed on outdoor billboards, which means they have to withstand the elements. If you buy paper from B2C companies, it most likely does not meet the requirements your clients are expecting.

Find the Best Printer Paper for Various Printing Needs

Printer paper is a key accessory for your business. In general, wide format printer paper for professional and large-scale printing comes with a range of special features:

  • Coated or uncoated
  • Various sizes
  • Different weights
  • Various thicknesses
  • Special textures

As for the materials used to make photo paper for printer, the most popular option is vellum. However, you can buy paper made of vinyl or bond paper for special printing projects. 

Buy Printer Paper from a Trusted and Experienced Supplier

With so many options on the market, you may need assistance to choose the best HP and Canon printer paper for your needs. At Metro Repro, we always put our clients’ best interests first and make sure that they get the wide format paper supplies on time so they can run their business smoothly. We founded Metro Repro in 1982 and, over the years, we’ve won our clients’ trust with our excellent products and quality customer service. Now, we are one of the most reliable B2B suppliers of printing equipment and plotter paper, including HP printer paper.

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