Colortrac SmartLF Gx+ T56e - Wide Format Scanners

Posted on July 26th, 2016 by Laura

Go ‘super-size’ with SmartLF Gx+ 56 extra-wide scanners. Capable of scanning landscape A0/E-size documents and mounted originals (T model option), these scanners provide the ultimate format flexibility for service providers and other users with specialist over-size documents. Offering 600dpi high definition (HD) optical resolution, superior color CCD technology and the cost / performance benefits of instant-on LED illumination, these scanners provide crisp, sharp fine line detail found in technical documents and maps with accurate color reproduction of artwork, photographs and graphics originals.

Colortrac has the longest experience of manufacturing CCD-based wide format color scanners. The SmartLF Gx+ 56 scanners offer a combination of long-life, maintenance free bi-directional LEDs with power saving ENERGY STAR® compliance and high productivity scanning speeds. The 6th generation SmartLF Gx+ CCD scanner ranges define a new industry benchmark for high fidelity color, monochrome tone reproduction and image sharpness.