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There are many moving parts when it comes to MFP (multifunction printers) and large format printers as a whole compared to a smaller inkjet printer, plotter, scanner, or copier. But that doesn’t mean they are very complicated. The first step is deciding what you need to accomplish your goals. This will make sure you get the right color laser MFP for your business.

After deciding what you need from your wired or wireless laser multifunction printer, you need to determine how many you’ll need. One of your first questions should be if all of them will be used at once or just one.

If you know that the all-in-one laser printer machines will all be used simultaneously, you’ll want to ensure that there is enough memory and processing power on each printer to perform their tasks.

Of course, if each multifunction laser printer is only used on an as-needed basis, that makes things much easier as they can have lower specs, which cuts down on cost. The same rule applies when deciding how many print stations each machine has. More stations mean more flexibility but also means a higher professional price tag.

Reasons to Choose a Large Format Multifunction Printer

A large format multifunction printer or wide format multifunction printer is exactly what it sounds like—it’s a printer with multiple functions. These printers are specifically designed to print wide documents on various media types.

Although a color laser MFP is more expensive than a standard monochrome laser printer, there are many benefits to owning one of these machines that justify their higher cost.

Metro Repro offers the best large format LaserJet printer for sale. No other large format printer provider can match our price point while providing a quality, all-in-one laser printer. If you are interested in multifunction printer machines, you have come to the right place.

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