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Next to a production printer, the next most useful machine is a model of roll laminators. As a printing shop owner, you know that many clients want their printed materials to be more durable and resistant to damage. Here is where large format roll laminator machines are useful.

These professional devices can laminate any kind of printed document, be it on cardboard or paper. Commercial laminators, unlike office devices, can laminate a large poster, a display panel, exhibition displays, wall maps, and more.

How Do Roll Laminators Work?

Laminators use heated rolls to melt glue onto laminated film. The film is applied to the printed materials using pressure rollers. Thus, the film is firmly attached to the substrate without creases or air bubbles.

Professional laminators are extremely useful for any kind of printed materials that undergo frequent handling or are displayed outdoors. The purpose of laminating is to protect a document against fading, spillage, and other types of damage. The film protects the substrate from scratching liquids and even maintains the colors vivid and vibrant under sunlight.

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Your printing shop needs a trusted B2B supplier of laminators and other printing machines. Metro Repro carries the best brands of wide format roll laminators for sale, such as:

  • GFP
  • Mimaki
  • And other popular brands

Our service area covers

  • Texas
  • Arkansas
  • Oklahoma
  • Louisiana

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