Versatile Printing Solutions for AEC, Education, and Retail: The latest from HP DesignJet

Explore HP DesignJet latest lineup of printers designed for Architectural, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) sector. With single and multi-function options, these printers also cater to the Education and Retail markets, delivering versatility and innovation.

Introducing the New HP DesignJet XT950, T950#BCB, and T850 Printer Series 


HP Large Format Design is announcing the introduction of the HP DesignJet XT950, T950#BCB, & T850 Printer series to our portfolio.  These new product offerings will come in single function printer and multi-function printer versions and will primarily target the Architectural, Engineering, & Construction (AEC) market segment.  Their versatility will also allow them to serve customers in the Education and Retail market segments.   

HP designjet large-format printers

The new HP DesignJet XT950, T950#BCB, and T850 Printer Series solutions will offer the following Seamless, Security, & Sustainability benefits: 

Seamless Printing 

  • First D size & ½ size large format integrated input & output 
  • Easy multi-size printing with HP Click & Automatic Roll & Sheet Switching (ARSS) 
  • New pigmented inks provide durability for AEC & expand applications that are ideal for Education and Retail 
  • 300-foot rolls (XT950, T950#BCB series only) 

Seamless Workflow 

  • Simplify scan and copy workflows with personalized one-click shortcuts from the front panel (Multi-Function Printers only) 
  • 36“ Contact Image Sensor (CIS) scanning technology @ 1.5 inches per second color & 4.5 inches per second black & white (Multi-Function Printers only) 
  • 100 sheet integrated ½ sized input tray (XT950, T950#BCB series only) and ½ sized output sheet organizer with 50 sheet capacity (standard XT950, T950#BCB series; accessory T850 series) 
  • Collect 40 D-size prints with the output stacker (standard XT950, T950#BCB series; accessory T850 series)  
  • PartnerLink enabled capabilities 


  •  Protect your device, data, & documents from cyberthreats without any effort thanks to HP Wolf Pro Security 


  • Printers are made with at least 35% recycled plastic 
  • Up to 93% of the packaging is recyclable or environmentally circular 


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Author: Metro Repro