How To Choose Toner For Your Printer: An Overview

Worried about how to choose toner for your printer? We’ve got you covered with a variety of options. Learn how to pick the toner that suits your goals the best in this article!

There is a diverse variety of wide-format printers accessible in the marketplace, such as laser printers, LED printers, business and home inkjet printers, multifunction printers, dot matrix printers, 3D printers, and more. Different printers have different working mechanisms. For example, laser toner printers, which are widely used, require laser printer toner for their world-class printing, etc. 

But first, what is a toner printer and how does it work? Let’s discuss this in depth in our new article.

Laser printer toners with different color combinations

What is a Toner for a Printer?

Toner in printer is a magical powder (no, not really) made of thin plastic (usually polyester) particles. The particles are uniformly sized. Toner contains silica and charge-controlling agents to assure the regular flow of solid particles and to maintain the charge of powdered plastic respectively.

Which Toner Cartridge Do I Need? A Few Tips

Buying toner cartridges that work well with your printer aids in premium-quality prints and enhances the life expectancy of your printer. Indeed, choosing the right toner is important. The question arises which factors should be kept in mind while selecting one.

Finding a Model and Size That Is Compatible with Your Printing Device

To find the best fit for your toner printer, consider the following:

Size: What's the use of the cartridge for your HP toner printer if it doesn't fit? Check the size of the cartridge that your model requires. You can always check online by typing the company and details of the printer online.

Monochrome or Color Laser Printer: Before buying laser printer toner, you need to see whether you have a monochrome or a color printer. A monochrome printer demands a black cartridge, whereas the latter requires four toner cartridges: black, magenta, cyan, and yellow. Various combinations of these toners produce the desired colors, hence resulting in a picturesque output.

Drum Or No Drum: Also, you must see whether you need a toner in printer cartridges with built-in drums or not. You don't need to manually replace drums for the latter one and hence, the last-mentioned ones are more pricey. You can always buy drums separately, so it depends on what you are looking for.

Class: There are distinctive classes of toner in printer cartridges: OEM Toner Cartridges, New Compatible Cartridges, Remanufactured Cartridges, and Refilled Cartridges (names are self-explanatory). If you have a high budget, then the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) is the one to go for. As the names of these laser printer toner cartridges suggest, they are developed by the original makers of the printer and thus, have a good life span with a warranty.

A person filling their toner printer machine

Deciding on the Type of Toner Cartridge that You Want to Buy

Next, you'll need to consider some more practical stuff.

If you need replacement toner cartridges for a large institution with a lot of printers, then go for bulk. The larger the quantity, the better the discount, so buying them individually or turn by turn from different places is not a good idea. Instead, choose one trustworthy place to get the best discount.

Not all laser printer toner cartridges come with a warranty. It is okay to compromise on the price in exchange for the warranty. At least you are assured that you are getting the right product. Warranty is a must for the toner cartridges with high paper yield. It is better to choose products from renowned companies that have a good history of providing the best cartridges as most of them do provide warranties and fix your problems. That means going for the OEM.

Check for the Page Yield

Be sure to consider the page yield. If you have a printer at home, then obviously your page yield requirement isn't high and hence, any average toner cartridge can work. But for workplaces and organizations, the need varies. A large setup requires a larger paper yield. In this case, a high-capacity cartridge with a yield somewhere between 10,000 to 12,000 pages can be considered. The average cartridge has a yield of 2500 to 4000 pages. Paper yield and price of the cartridge are directly proportional. The higher the yield, the higher the price.

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