Attention Xerox 8825, 8830, 8850 Printer and DDS/Synergix users!

While your copying and scanning functions may still be serving you well (DDS/Synergix customers), the age of your AccXES controller may be creating limitations when printing today’s current file formats and versions.

However, instead of looking into the expense of purchasing an updated controller, consider a Plotworks software enhancement package, a less expensive way to add new life to your aging system!

If you are experiencing PDF/file conversion problems from files forwarded to you (or from files you are creating yourself with newer software editions) and then trying to print out, Plotworks software upgrade may be the solution. With the Plotworks software in place, it takes over the file processing from the controller and – in most cases – has resolved these issues.

In an effort to help 8825, 8830, and 8850 users (or any other users dealing with an aging AccXES controller), we are happy to announce a special promotion on the Plotworks software enhancement package!

Xerox 8825/8830 Plotworks Package…*$1950.00, plus tax
(Regularly $2,450.00)

Xerox 8850/510 Plotworks Package…*$2950.00, plus tax
(Regularly $4,075.00)

*Add $150 for installation and training within Metro-Repro’s service area

Your Plotworks software can be used with your new system whenever your company may decide to upgrade to a new wide format system solution!

And the benefits of Plotworks don’t stop there! If you commonly use the AccXES Client Tools with your Xerox system and do quite a bit of set printing or are a mid-volume (or more) scanning customer, or are at a location where people may be printing to multiple wide-format output devices (HP/Canon Printers or perhaps multiple Xerox wide format printers) – the Plotworks software adds significant efficiencies with additional features that could save time and add big time productivity!

Want to see more? Call us for a live “webinar” demo that will show you the world of additional benefits and productivity Plotworks has to offer! You can ask all the questions you want – specifically related to your workflow and needs – and see exactly how the Ploworks software can enhance the life of your current system! Call and set up a demo today! Toll Free 888-484-9292, or click here to request your date and time.

This Ploworks promotion is a limited time offer and is subject to end without notice.

Author: Metro Repro