Printer Not Working? Here are 5 Common Printer Problems

It is hard to be productive when a key piece of equipment is not working properly. If you are having printer issues, knowing the most common problems can help you to find the right solution.

There are few things more frustrating than printer problems. If the wide format printer in your office is not working, it could significantly hamper productivity. Fortunately, there are a few common printer issues, and knowing them can make it easier to troubleshoot your device. By the end of this article, you will have a better idea of what the problem could be.

Top 5 Most Common Printer Problems 

Not every problem with a printer requires the help of a technician. Sometimes, simple fixes are enough to get those pages rolling again. Let us look at five of the most likely printing issues.

Insufficient Ink Levels

Let us start with a printing issue that may seem obvious. If your printer is not working, it could simply be that it is out of ink. Modern printers will warn you before the ink is completely gone. This gives you enough time to replace the cartridge and avoid damaging the printer or making it impossible to complete tasks. However, if there are several people using the printer but only a few authorized to replace the cartridges, it could get to the point where the machine stops working. The damage can be permanent or expensive to fix.

This is one of the inkjet printer problems that is easy to solve. As soon as you receive a message stating that the ink is running low, you should consider ordering a new cartridge. This message often comes up when the ink is about halfway. If the printer is heavily used, you should get a replacement right away. However, you can wait a bit if the device is not used very often.

Paper Jam/Multiple Sheet Output

Printing may be a problem if the paper is jamming or multiple sheets are being drawn in at one time. If you are experiencing paper jams, you may be putting too many sheets in the tray or neglecting to align the reams properly. This is a simple fix since the solution is simply to load fewer sheets or make sure the reams are properly aligned. Meanwhile, if too many sheets are being drawn at a time, it is likely because you are using poor quality paper and the sheets are sticking together. If this is why your printer is not working, you simply need to get higher quality paper.

White Lines

Another of the most common printer problems is the appearance of white lines on printouts.  There are a number of printer troubleshooting steps you can take here. The first is to run your machine’s cleaning program since it’s likely that the printhead is clogged. After doing this, print a test sheet to see if the situation has improved.

If it has not printed, check the cartridges for cracks or leaks. If a cartridge is badly damaged, you will need to purchase a new one. However, it is possible that some dried ink has simply blocked the head. If so, clean it gently with a cotton bud or soft cloth. Check the inside of the printer and clean up any spilled ink. After you do this, run another cleaning cycle. If the problems persist, you need to call in a professional with even more knowledge of how to troubleshoot printer problems.

Slow Printer Response

No one wants to wait an inordinately long time for a printer to churn out a page or two. If you have a large document to print, a slow printer can be even more frustrating. If your printer is not working speedily, you need to identify the problem and find a solution. The first thing you can do to fix this problem with a printer is to change your print settings from high to low. If the automatic duplex setting is checked, try unchecking it. When the printer has to flip each sheet of paper, it will take more time. If these potential solutions do not work, you may need to contact a technician.

Blurry Images/Low Print Quality

One of the biggest issues people face is poor print quality. Sometimes images are blurry or the text is illegible. Other times, both images and text are hard to make out. To fix printer problems like these, you first need to ensure the output settings are set to the highest quality. This is especially important when you are printing images but you can also boost the text printing quality.

The next thing you can check is the quality of the paper. It is not uncommon for companies to buy third-party paper because it’s cheaper. However, this can compromise the quality of the print job.

If you are satisfied with your settings and your paper, turn your attention to the ink cartridges. They could be low-quality, third-party cartridges, or you may have genuine cartridges that are almost empty.

If you have a laser printer, your printing issues may be due to toner powder that has settled too much. Taking the cartridge out and agitating it a bit could solve the issue. If you have an inkjet printer, clean the nozzle and printer head using the cleaning program. You can also perform a manual cleaning if this doesn’t work.

Still Unsure How to Fix Printer Problems? Call Metro Repro

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