Published: 07 May 2022

The Best Printers for Graphic Designers in 2022

The best printers for graphic design can print physical copies of your work and provide you with beautiful results for all of your projects. Learn how to take your pick right in this article.

Digital graphic designers are some of the most in-demand creative professionals out there these days. When establishing their brand designs, they spend a lot of time creating every line, color, and shape in a specific way to make sure it appears spectacularly. No designer would want their work to be misrepresented in any way, especially in the final, printed product. This is why every designer should only use the best printers for graphics design to ensure they are getting the best results for their projects.

Finding the best printers for graphic designers can be a struggle if you care about how your prints come out. You need to thoroughly research before selecting the best printer for graphic design and art. Here’s our comprehensive guide on choosing small and large format printers that fit your needs best.

High-quality prints coming out of professional printers

The Best Printer for Art Prints: Things You Need to Consider

A graphic design printer is a special printer designed to deliver life-like images where even the smallest detail can be seen as clear as day. However, selecting the best printer for graphics is not as easy as it sounds.

The great thing about printers for art prints is that technology is not shifting as rapidly as the computer industry, where a top-of-the-line model will be obsolete next year.

Choosing the best printer for flyers and posters that provides the ideal features at a reasonable rate is essential; usually, plain printers don’t cost too much. Here are some things to consider while purchasing professional printers for graphic designers:

#1: Type of Printer (Laser vs. Inkjet Printers)

When looking for printers, you’ll most likely come across laser printers or inkjet printers. Traditionally, there is a huge difference between the two. But now with technology, they are on par with each other.

Best color laser printers for graphic designers use powder toner to give crisp clear graphics and text images. The best inkjet printers for graphic designers produce color prints from water-resistant ink. While inkjet printers with water-proof inks used to cost a fortune back in the day, this is not the case today.

A high-quality inkjet printer is almost equal to a high-quality laser printer. Generally, laser printers are bulky and are used for large-scale commercial work, while inkjet printers are more versatile and used both for commercial purposes and also for home usage.

#2: Quality of Prints

Make sure you examine the quality of prints a printer can produce as it is the most crucial consideration. A printer that generates crisp, clear, and sharp prints, is good to buy. A resolution of 1000+ is always recommended for the best color laser printer for graphic designers.

#3: Media Size

Figure out your media size. You should check what is the maximum size of the prints you generate, then you should relate it to the maximum media size of your selected machine.

Go for wide format graphic design printers as they allow you to print on almost all kinds of mediums from standard to wide formats.

#4: Speed

The speed of a printer for art prints is measured by the page per minute (PPM). More distinguished paper layouts and higher image quality settings need more time to print.

#5: Paper

When buying a printer for designers, don’t disregard the maximum format it can handle. You should consider two printers on your list capable of producing A2 prints.

The proficiency of the best art printer to print vast layouts is outstanding but a little less exciting if you’re tight on space because large format graphic machines are pretty bulky.

Graphic design printers taking out premium-quality prints

Professional Printers for Graphic Designers

The demand for graphic design printers is expanding. Graphic printing makes multi-product, low-volume printing possible in a limited printing time, and is cheaper.

Here is how a professional graphic printer can benefit you:


The best laser printer for graphic design offers various design possibilities with full color and gradation print without any limitation of colors.

Quick Delivery

When you buy a product from a professional company, it is shipped directly to your office right away.

Low Cost

Lower cost production is accomplished by the best inkjet printer for graphic designers by printing without using any plates and with fewer production processes.


A simple process makes the best graphic design printer to be able to print easily. It is simple in that it does not require knowledge of prepress or blending ink.

High Added Value

In addition to the standard color prints, the best graphic design inkjet printers allow glossy finish, texture print, and embossed effects. All of this adds more value to the printed materials.

Environmentally Friendly

Graphics design printing mostly uses inkjet printers that reduce ink waste as they eject ink only to the parts to be printed. It also reduces the process to clean the plates after printing.

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