Published: 31 Mar 2023

How Schools Benefit from Large-Format Printers

Adding a production or graphic large-format printer to your school is an effective resource for teachers, administrators, and students.

Transform Your School (and Classrooms) with Large-Format Printers

Schools are finding creative ways to enhance their student’s learning environment and effectively support teachers with large-format printers.

We will explore several reasons you should consider purchasing (or upgrading) a wide-format printer, including printing features, and the different uses around your school’s campus.

  1. Benefits and Features of Large-Format Production and Graphic Printers in Your School 
  2. How To Use A Printer to Make Your School More Engaging For Students
  3. Finding the Perfect Large Format Printers Near Me
Posters and wall graphics for your classroom

Benefits and Features of Large-Format Production and Graphic Printers in Your School

Here are five benefits to help you determine if a large-format printer fits your needs:

  • Cost Savings: Typically, printing in-house is cheaper than outsourcing because of several factors, including set-up fees, individual product costs, and shipping.
  • Conveniently and Quickly Print on Your Timeline: Determine when projects are completed instead of waiting for outside vendors to print and ship your items. Perfect for last-minute print jobs and/or changes to existing materials.
  • Interactive Environment: Create a fun and safe space for children to learn through graphics, charts, and signage.
  • Support Teachers: Having accessible tools to print and decorate classrooms easily is a time-saving perk for teachers.
  • New Learning Opportunities: Offering graphic design and printing production elective classes are beneficial to students for optional career paths when they graduate.

Depending on the type of printer, whether you choose a production plotter printer or graphics printer, each offers different features including high-quality photo printing, which is perfect for banners and posters, wireless or mobile application printing, roll-to-roll for larger prints, and multi-function options such as scanning and copying.

How To Use A Printer to Make Your School More Engaging For Students

Let’s explore the different materials and uses for a large-format printer in your school. From wall graphics and signage to direct-to-film apparel options, we will help you create a learning environment that is not only exciting for students but also informative.

Vinyl Wall and Floor Graphics 

Teachers can bring their classrooms to life with wall cut-outs and decorations for bulletin boards, classroom doors, and hallways.

Schools can use floor graphics to create sensory paths, building directions, social distancing signage, and children’s class line-ups. It’s also the perfect way to decorate for the holidays with temporary quick-stick vinyl.

holiday wall graphics for classrooms
Decorate for the holidays with wall decals.


Posters are an excellent option for reward charts, class rules, and educational material to reflect your class’s subject. For example, a science teacher can print a solar system, or a math teacher can print a multiplication chart.

If you’re having a school fundraiser, dance, bake sale, or themed spirit week, banners provide a quick way to advertise, decorate, and promote sponsors.

Custom Decals, Labels, and Stickers

Bring your school spirit to the next level with decals or wraps for sports teams gear, locker rooms, and school windows. In addition, selling stickers with your school logo supporting a club or sports team is a successful fundraising option. Lastly, add door decals to school vehicles to identify them.

The print-and-cut feature on the Mimaki printer makes it easy to customize labels for books, student belongings, supply bins, folders, and more.

Direct To Film (DTF) Transfers For Apparel

Several printers allow you to print on unique material and heat press graphics to fabric for uniforms, jerseys, and spirit day t-shirts.

Finding the Perfect Large Format Printers Near Me

The versatility of large-format printers makes them an excellent investment for your school by saving money, increasing efficiency, and providing teachers with a tool to enrich their student’s learning environment.

If you’re looking for a large-format printer for sale, contact Metro Repro and we will help you select the right Mutoh, Mimaki, Canon, or HP wide-format printer.