Published: 21 Feb 2024

Easily Design and Print with Canon’s PosterArtist

Discover Canon PosterArtist, a powerful software for creating high-quality prints with ease.

What is Canon PosterArtist?

Canon PosterArtist is a software program developed by Canon Inc. that allows you to create and print high-quality posters, banners, flyers, awards, and more. It has a user-friendly interface and a wide range of templates, images, and design tools to facilitate the creative design process. 

Key features of Canon PosterArtist include: 

  1. Template Library: PosterArtist has a vast library of customizable templates tailored to businesses, schools, hospitals, teachers, and parents for promotions, events, calendars, sales, and announcements.
  2. Image Editing Tools: The program provides tools for editing images, such as adjusting colors, adding effects, cropping photos, applying filters, background removal, different frame shapes, and more!
  3. Text Customization: Canon PosterArtist allows you to customize text, including choosing fonts, sizes, colors, and text effects to create visually appealing elements. Our favorite is the gold and silver realistic gradients. 
  4. Variable data: A perfect feature for teachers & businesses is the powerful variable data tool that enables users to personalize their creations with dynamic content. You can easily incorporate variable text such as names, addresses, dates, and general text by downloading a template and uploading the variable information into Excel. This feature simplifies the customization process, allowing users to produce professional-looking posters with minimal effort efficiently. See our 5-step guide below! 
  5. Integration with Canon Printers: One of the notable features of Canon PosterArtist is its seamless integration with Canon large-format printers. This integration ensures optimized printing results and ease of use when transferring designs from the software to the printer.
  6. Advanced Printing Options: The program typically offers various printing options to cater to different poster sizes and paper types. Users can preview their designs before printing and adjust settings such as print quality and paper orientation.
  7.  Be sure to explore these additional features: Generating QR codes, adding clipart and shapes, customizing backgrounds, and the connected photo galleries sourced from sites like Pexels, Unsplash, and Pixabay.

A Step-By-Step Guide on How to Utilize the Variable Data Feature

To start, create your design. For our step-by-step guide, we created a certificate of achievement and will be changing the red text.

  • Step 1: Click Variable
  • Step 2: Select Download a Format
  • Step 3: Update the Variable Data (see red boxes)
  • Step 4: Upload the Excel Spreadsheet by clicking Load Database File
  • Step 5: Click Preview to View Each Variable Data Designs

After clicking preview, you will be able to view each variable data print. Lastly, click Proceed to Print in the upper right corner.

The Best Uses and Industries For these Template Creations

The ready-made templates cover various print options, including awards, banners, bulletins, menus, flyers, and posters, tailored for various categories like retail, education, healthcare, events, parties, kids, sports, public awareness, hiring, recitals, and sales. 

Also, explore Canon PosterArtist’s diverse collection of photo collage templates, allowing you to upload your photos and craft personalized collages.

Compatible Canon Printer Models with PosterArtist

For Canva enthusiasts utilizing Canon printers, Canon’s PosterArtist is an ideal program for effortless design and seamless printing, thanks to its tailored compatibility with these devices:

  • Canon imagePROGRAF Series
  • Canon imageCLASS Series
  • Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE Series
  • Canon imagePRESS Series
  • Canon PIXMA Series
  • Canon MAXIFY Series

Overall, Canon PosterArtist is a comprehensive tool for designing and printing, providing users with the resources and functionalities needed to create professional-looking prints efficiently.

The best part? It’s free and accessible now as a web application, operating directly through your browser. Start creating today by visiting Canon’s PosterArtist.