Published: 30 Nov 2021

Choose the Large Format Printer That is Right for You

Too Many Choices? Simplify Your Options!

Are you planning to purchase a large format printer or plotter sometime in the future? If so, selecting the right printer for your business has never been easier. Let Metro-Repro and Canon Solutions America help you identify the best choice for a smart, profitable, and effective investment with our Large Format Printer Buyer’s Guide. Download the free Wide Format Printer Buyer’s Guide filled with advice and tips for selecting the right wide format printer for you, regardless of the brand.

Five considerations when buying a large format printer include:

  • Types of large format printers: With so many types of large format printers, we’ll narrow the choices down to a few.
  • Color or black & white: Color is not as expensive as you think.
  • Costs: Is it cheaper to outsource large format printing or print in-house?
  • Speed and performance: A printer’s rated speed on a spec sheet can be a lot different from the time it takes to click print and have the drawing in hand.
  • Image quality: Is a higher dpi always better?

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